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Case Studies

Advanced Filament Technology for Application-Driven Custom Manufacturing

Occasionally, an existing customer has the opportunity to grow through a new project. The customer needed help with specialized knowledge of filament technology for the specifications to meet their expectations.


Custom Engineered Tooling for Brushes

Customers often require specialized tooling for their unique applications using our abrasive brushes. We had a customer who required a method of getting closer to a specific hole for deburring in their processes.


Improved Productivity and Extended Brush Life with Nylon Disc Brush

There are times when processes can be improved to increase productivity and profit. Unfortunately, change and innovation often takes the backseat to fulfill ongoing production requirements and speed of delivery. Our customer needed a brush that was flexible enough for a particular machine while improving the longevity of the brushes.


Removing Dry Concrete from Molds

Sometimes customers need help finding the right brush to fit their application. Our long-standing customer required the best brush to remove dry concrete from their molds.


Custom Stapled Set Strip Brush for Better Air Flow Management

Data centers hold a lot of information. They also generate a lot of heat. To operate correctly and to maintain rapid information exchange and storage, the servers need to stay at cool temperatures between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. To accomplish this, one IT customer needed to improve their management of cooled air inside an enclosed metal cabinet.